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About Us

Beliefs and Mission

Power Tools believes...

1.  That we are created by a God who  knows us, made us intentionally and wants to be in close relationship with us.

2.  That he gave us free will (vs. making us robots) and we choose to sin by our nature.

3.  That he sent Jesus to be the sacrifice for our sins if we believe in him, confess our need and make him the guide of our lives.

4.  That our humble coming to the cross is a lifelong process that we call sanctification or growth.

5.   That we will never be God or Jesus.

6.  That by continuing to examine ourselves and the lies we have believed, we will grow slowly toward a better version of ourselves as God intended.

7.  That the Bible is the standard, source, ultimate reference for guidance in our lives vs. "figuring it our ourselves."  We need to be in the process of fitting our lives to the Bible.

Mission:  To  assist men in becoming strong, free, passionate leaders for Jesus in the world around them.


This site was founded in 2022 in order to provide tools to equip Christian men.  Specifically, it is designed to create a mechanism for men (with God and others) to be able to pursue growth into becoming the best version of the man God made them to be.

Pete Zepelak is a certified growth group leader and community leader involved in providing christian men transformative opportunities.  He is passionate about this work and seeing God unleash the power within men.  

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